Guitars: Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Martin, Supro / Valco, Dobro / National, Kay, Kalamazoo, Guild, Epiphone, Larson, Silvertone, Airline, EKO, Egmond, Hagstrom, Rickenbacker, and Many More! Amps: Vox, Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Marshall, Ampeg, and many old amps with tubes!
Guitars - Buy, Sell, Trade, and Repair Used & Vintage Guitars, Amps and Effects
Vintage Guitar Man - Your Online Resource for HOT DEALS on Vintage Treasures - Guitar, Amps & More Resource! offers our clients a vast array of services & resources to help clients across the United States & the world. Our expertise in buying, selling, trading, and repairing guitars and more has become a priceless gift to many.  We specialize in bringing people and musical instuments together.  Online or in person - visit us today!
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With over 30 years experience, Vintage Guitar Man will help you Buy, Sell, Trade, or Repair used or vintage guitars!  Make sure to visit the "About Us" page to learn more about our experience, history, and many fine accomplishements!
Used guitars, vintage guitars, used amps, vintage amps, & used musical equipment and effects. Visit often!  Our guitar, amp, and effects stock changes on a daily basis.
Because we are constantly receivng new items and vintage parts, check our online selection often. We also carry many peices that are in high demand, so please feel free to ask about anything you may need.
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Vintage Guitar Man carries an enormous line of guitar brands, makes, and models.
Fender, Gibson, Gretch, Airline, Kay, Martin, Magnatone, and More!
Chip has personally repaired, brokered, and sold hundreds of sought after guitar treasures for people around the world.
Brauer "Notacaster" - seen on left, one of the many fine creations that Chips has produced.
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Let Vintage Guitar Man do the work for you! Make sure to visit his Guitar Gallery featuring just a handful of these vintage treasures.
Vintage Guitar Man carries all of the necessary amplifiers and effects to complete your ensemble!

Vintage amps, used amps, vintage parts, and used parts - all are just a click away!
Shown in photo: amps front to back : 1958 Fender Tweed Champ (After re-covering) , 1953 Fender Deluxe , 1963 Fender Vibrolux Reverb , 1964 Fender  Vibroverb , 1964 Fender  Bassman Head.
Check us out for those hard to find vintage parts!
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Guitar Brokerage Services
Vintage guitarman will help you obtain top price for your vintage instrument, by using our network of collectors, players and buyers worldwide!
"The Vintage Guitarman helped me to fee comfortable with selling my Les Paul Special guitar, which had been with me for 45 years! He was very knowlegable and honest to deal with. I would recommend doing business with him to anyone." - Marijean
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Vintage Guitar Man
Chip Brauer - owner, repair technician, broker, & teacher.

Whether you are shopping for a used guitar, looking for a vintage guitar up to the 1970's, seeking out a repair for the frets of your guitar, want a vintage amp to finish out a collection with perfection, or simply would like some lessons - Vintage Guitar Man of Michigan can help you will all your needs!
Vintage Guitar Man - Chip Brauer
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Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Martin, Supro / Valco, Dobro / National, Kay, Kalamazoo, Guild, Epiphone, Larson, Silvertone, Airline, EKO, Egmond, Hagstrom, & Many More!

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